Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting at Birkenhead YMCA on Monday evening 25.7.2016


Speaker - David Powell - Merseytravel - Project Director - Rolling Stock


Business Meeting

1. Present : Steve Boulding, D P Campbell, Gwen Collinson, Ian Cree, Steven Dyke, Gordon Ditchfield, Brian Grey, John Ryan, Angus Tilston, Dennis and Martin Harrison, Andrew Hodgson, Bernard and PatTurnbill, Ian Allsopp, David Compton, Jim and Margaret Anderson, Mike Kendrik, MC Laycock, Keith Maxwell, Alistair McNicol, Simon Petris, Gill Porter, Anthony and Catherine Sibert, Elizabeth Taylor, Philip Welsh and Peter Zemrock. Doug Macadam (OPSTA). Alex McMorran, Ken Parkins, Harry Brightmore and Alex Silver (Non-Members). (29 Members and 5 Non-Members)

2.0 Apologies for Absence Val Curtis, Glyn Parry, Peter Purland and Ron Longman..

3.1 Minutes of 2015 AGM Approval proposed by Gwen Collinson, seconded by Gill Porter and carried unanimously.

3.2 Financial Report Prepared by Acting Treasurer Angus Tilston. The accounts showed a balance of 1286.40 at the end of 2015 after taking into account a small surplus of 33.38. Accepted (proposed by Alistair McNicol and seconded by Gordon Ditchfield).mendments

3.3 Membership Report Brian Grey reported four new members and loss of four making 122 currently (some outstanding). This includes two corporate members, Helsby PC and Merseyrail Electrics and also Alan McGiffin who sadly passed away after returning from Berlin and rejoining the Committee. The adoption of the Membership Report was proposed by Andrew Hodgson and seconded by Keith Maxwell and carried unanimously.

4 0 Chairmans Report ( 2015-16 )(See seperate heading)

5.0 Adoption of Constitution - proposed amendments by Mike Kendrick were unanimously passed by the meeting.

Item 16 - An Extraordinary General Meeting ... (not Special General)

Item 17 - ...The Chairman shall have a vote in the event of a tie. (not a vote and casting vote)

New item 18. Any constitutional changes require 75% agreement at an Annual General or Extraordinary General Meeting.

Previous item 18 becomes 19.

6. Re-election of Committee

The current committee was re-elected i.e. John Ryan, Angus Tilston, Jim Anderson, Brian Grey, Gordon Ditchfield, Dennis Harrison, Mike Laycock and Ian Allsopp. (proposed by Alistair McNicol and seconded by Mike Kendrik).

7. Any Other Business

GHA bus company recently went into liquidation. DH said services out of Chester were being run by other companies but no subsidised services from Wrexham yet.