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WTUA Membership

Please use your web browser to print out this form, complete it and send it by post to the address below.


JOIN US TODAY! - The more members we have, the more pressure we can exert on the transport providers. Members receive notification of trips, the AGM agenda and the Newsletter. They also have priority over non-members for places on trips, (if they reply within a few days of notification). Should you join the Association and want to get involved, you would be more than welcome to join our committee (which meets once a month). You can pay by cheque, PO or by bank transfer (WTUA’s bank account details given below). If using a bank transfer, (i) please ask the bank to give your name, address and postcode so that these appear on the WTUA’s bank statements and so the payment can be credited to you, (ii) please also return the completed form so that we know to look out for the transfer and so we have your email details and excursion notification preference.


Subs Rates

Individual: £6.00

Couple at same address: £8.00


Parish Council: £8.00

Representative Body: £12.50

Corporate Body: £25.00




NOTE- Submission of payment to us will be taken to imply that you give us your

consent to keep a record of your personal details and to contact you for as long as

you are a member and up to 24 months after your membership lapses, unless you

explicitly request otherwise. Our GDPR policy will be posted to you if you request it.

SUBSCRIPTION  £ _______     Optional donation  £ _______              

Mr/Mrs/Ms: ______    Name(s): _________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

         ___________________________________________    Post Code: _______________

Phone: ___________________   Email: ___________________________________________


Do you want to be notified of excursions and by what medium (P/E/N)? ___  (‘N’ for not

required, ‘P’ for posted, ‘E’ for emailed)

Transport mode(s) of interest (circle one or more): Train / Bus / Ferry / Cycle / Air / Tram

WTUA activity(s) of interest (circle one or more): Trips / Newsletters / AGM talk / Website

How did you find out about us? __________________________________________________


Cheque / PO payable to: WTUA and send with form

OR Bank Transfer to: WTUA, Sort Code-01-07-02, Account: 07771215, quoting your name and post code (and send form separately)



Send this completed form to:  Brian Grey, 56 Coombe Road, Irby, WIRRAL CH61 4US 

(Tel:  0151 648 3070)



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