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  1. As for all holders of personal data, the Association has to conform to the new legislation enacting the General Data Protection Regulations. Two new pages have been added to the website- one outlines our Personal Data Protection Policy (as per the GDPR act), the other provides a facility for Members and other Activity Participants to email their consent for the WTUA to hold their details and also to contact them.
  2. The 2018 NewsLetter has been issued to members and is now available on the website accessed from the Newsletters page.
  3. The Trip pages (which each contains pictures and movies of one of the trips, thumb-nailed in a grid) have all had their working enhanced so that the contained pictures and movies can be more easily accessed in a ‘gallery’ manner. For instructions on how to use this new feature, see the Trip Photos/Movies section on the Past Trips and Events web page. 


Future Trips

The trip dates will be notified to members by email or letter.


New Trains being built for Merseyrail

Building continues of the new 4-coach train sets which will replace the current 3-coach train sets (which are almost 40 years-old). These will be deployed in 2020 but test running of one train is expected to start in June 2019. An excellent description of their improved features is given in http://www.merseytravel.gov.uk/about-us/Pages/New-Trains-For-Merseyrail.aspx Also see New Train Prototype to see a movie and photos of a prototype of one car of a new train set, taken when it was exhibited at the Pacific Road Sheds in Birkenhead in autumn 2018.


Work continues on re-adjusting platform levels on all Wirral and Northern Lines stations. This, together with extendible door steps on the new trains, will permit level access from platform to train, thus making it easier for older people to embark and disembark and rendering the use of ramps for wheelchairs no longer necessary. The work is being done in phases along the lines and will require groups of stations to be temporarily closed and replacement bus services to be run. A description of the changes and table of the bus replacement schedules is available on the website https://www.merseyrail.org/platform-upgrade-works.aspx and is available as a brochure at Merseyrail stations.







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