Our Aims

A formal statement of our aims, taken from our Constitution document, is:


a.† To maintain a watching brief over public transport operations, in particular those local to the Wirral and its connections with the rest of the country, in order to identify deficiencies in current operations and poorly thought-out proposals for changes to operations.

b. To act as a pressure group to represent the transport interests of the travelling public, in particular, by informing the transport operators of the deficiencies in their services and any plans for improvements that the Association has devised; then urging and monitoring their resolution/implementation.

c.† To support campaigns for major improvements to the local transport infrastructure, e.g. new stations.

d. To keep the Members of the Association informed of current transport matters and the Associationís work by activities such as publishing a Newsletter and sending it to the Members and maintaining a website.

e.† To encourage interest in all aspects of transport in the Wirral and promote the Associationís aims to the local community by activities such as the display of posters and the distribution of a Newsletter. To encourage new Members to join the Association and to further promote the Association to the local community by activities such as the organising of trips to transport venues, e.g. preserved railways.

f.† To get involved in any transport issue that is judged by the Executive Committee to be of interest to the Association.

g. To represent the Wirral area on various national transport focus groups.


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