Trip To Llangollen Rlwy 1


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Description: Shunting at Llangollen

Shunting at Llangollen - MOVIE 13.8 Mb

Description: Departure from Llangollen

Departure from Llangollen - MOVIE 28.3 Mb

Description: Climbing towards Berwyn

Climbing towards Berwyn - MOVIE 8.4 Mb

Description: Approaching Berwyn station

Approaching Berwyn station - MOVIE 15.4 Mb

Description: Leaving Glyndyfrdwy station

Leaving Glyndyfrdwy station - MOVIE 16.4 Mb

Description: Heading towards Carrog

Heading towards Carrog - MOVIE 6.9 Mb

Description: Nearing Carrog

Nearing Carrog - MOVIE 11.3 Mb

Description: Returning back from Corwen

Returning back from Corwen - MOVIE 10.8 Mb

Description: Llangollen


Description: p1030305_tn

Description: p1030306_tn

Description: p1030308_tn

Description: p1030309_tn

Description: p1030310_tn

Description: p1030314_tn

Description: p1030318_tn

Description: p1030320_tn

Description: p1030321_tn

Description: p1030322_tn

Description: p1030330_tn

Description: p1030331_tn

Description: p1030338_tn

Description: Berwyn


Description: p1030345_tn

Description: p1030352_tn

Description: p1030359_tn

Description: p1030361_tn

Description: p1030365_tn

Description: p1030372_tn

Description: p1030377_tn

Description: p1030381_tn

Description: Glyndyfrdwy


Description: p1030384_tn

Description: p1030387_tn

Description: p1030389_tn

Description: p1030392_tn

Description: p1030401_tn

Description: p1030403_tn

Description: p1030417_tn

Description: p1030419_tn



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