Trip To Welshpool And Llanfair Rlwy


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Description: Coupling loco at Welshpool

Coupling loco at Welshpool - MOVIE 9.0 Mb

Description: Leaving Llanfair

Leaving Llanfair - MOVIE 9.1 Mb

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Description: p1060348_tn

Description: p1060351_tn

Description: p1060353_tn

Description: p1060356_tn

Description: p1060357_tn

Description: p1060361_tn

Description: p1060366_tn

Description: p1060380_tn

Description: p1060391_tn

Description: p1060404_tn

Description: p1060421_tn

Description: p1060422_tn

Description: p1060428_tn

Description: p1060430_tn

Description: p1060438_tn

Description: p1060448_tn

Description: p1060455_tn

Description: p1060490_tn

Description: p1060498_tn

Description: p1060520_tn

Description: p1060522_tn

Description: p1060523_tn

Description: p1060526_tn

Description: p1060534_tn

Description: p1060544_tn

Description: p1060550_tn

Description: p1060588_tn

Description: p1060609_tn

Description: p1060613_tn

Description: p1060623_tn

Description: p1060626_tn

Description: p1060628_tn



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